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Is Human Nature on Trial in the Global Economic Arena

Human Nature on Trial !

Is Human Nature on Trial in the Economic Storms of our times?

Is it a money crisis or a human nature crisis?

Who said we had to compete like this in a global economic arena! Workers are "commoditized" and put on a global trading block to compete with one another for the same job. This is the essence of so called Free Trade. Some time ago there was a study made by a large church association and they reported that 70 percent of church members find it very difficult to match up their beliefs with their daily work.

Globalization and Free Trade have added to the problem with workers being exploited for the sake of greed. However, this breakdown is not only from the top down but from the bottom up too.

Deflating the real tangible value of workers and labor is a devaluation of the intangible money products too. In the process , the value of human nature has been degraded too.

Lets first start at the bottom to the top - Who really drives the degradation of workers and money

They say it is only human nature to shop for the lowest price, but is it human nature to ignore all the conditions behind the cheaper prices. Do we as consumers have a tunnel vision of what workers have to endure so that we can enjoy a cheaper price. Are we actually shopping our way out of our jobs with blinders on.

On the broader level, human nature has been affected by a business climate with Free Trade and Globalization being the scams of the century. Free Trade primarily is not about trading products but trading human beings as workers. Workers are put on a world trading block to compete with each other for the same jobs. And in business and international trade, bribery is treated as a normal part of business. Tapart News and Art that Talks features Ethical Corporation Magazine which covers the need for ethics in the business world.

One current example of the failures of human nature in the business world is Siemens, who buget $40 million to $50 million dollars for their bribery fund. Bribery within Siemens was so common , company officials had a nickname for it - "NA" - shorthand translation for German word meaning "useful money". The bribery transactions reached across the globe including locations across the USA. Siemens has paid $1.6 billion dollars to settle charges that it routinely bribed public officials to win contracts worldwide. This is only one example of what is happening in the global economic arena where anything goes. Ethical Corporation Magazine covers more incidents relating to unethical actions by corporations.

Compare this to a single mother making only a $100 a month being considered as employed under current unemployment reporting methods. Christians business men are also noted in their contributions and good works but their success dependent on using the working poor in their enterprises.

We have heads of large corporations who are praised for their charities with many using impoverished workers for gain. In our city, we have the head of a large retail chain, working in a soup kitchen on weekends. Many of his workers do not make enough money to afford much of anything and most likely some are in a soup line on the other side.

Presidents of the USA refer to workers in the USA as if they are a separate class. Announcing his retirement a Senator says he now wants to get closer to the people and looks forward to serving in a soup kitchen. No one asks what part he played in making soup kitchens a necessity.

A few years back, there were several articles in a top high tech magazine about companies like Microsoft and Intel going from full time workers to contract workers. One article reported that workers were ready to strike like the UPS drivers did year ago but did not have the power to do it. It was also reported that many of the high tech companies were firing workers approaching age 40 in order to by pass all the regulations that apply to workers over 40. Many rave about the Silicon Valley but in my years of traveling there, I found it to be a philistine place where anything goes as far as doing business.

The companies that tried to do it the right way were betrayed by other U.S. companies and smashed by unfair international competition. Some had invested everything they had to produce new innovations only to have them stolen by foreign companies in the name of Free Trade. It was reported that one third of all micro computers going into China had to smuggled in.

Then we have the money people on TV reporting about investments and even have TV Evangelists writing books on how to invest but none say anything about workers getting fired instead of hired for the sake of stock values and investment money. They report job cuts as an increase in productivity. Nothing is said about the remaining workers doing the work of two people. None connect the deflation of labor as a part of productivity.

A few years ago, I was offered a well paid job as a regional manager for a thriving system house who was undercutting everyone and excelled in their systems support service to large corporations. I was going to take the job until I found that they had a large center in a mid west city where they employed green card workers who worked around the clock for about one third of what an American worker would be paid. After six months to a year, these workers would return to their native country with the money they made in the U.S. with them. To me this was a sin and I could not do it.

As a trouble shooter supplier to industrial computer manufacturers, I evolved into this specialty because most of the components coming from overseas had to be qualified. However, foreign manufacturers changed the inner components for any reason and did not even put an "R" behind the product code to show there was a change. So even if a manufacturer in the US qualified the product after a six month field test, the product they would then purchased most likely was different inside.

Yes Human Nature is on Trial during in our times.
This is why we explore philosophy and religion in the global economic arena.
Where are they?

It is time to join economics and social justice together as one discipline.

After all, the Free Enterprise system is supposed to make it easier for mankind to be good. We gather together in communities, states and countries for the sake of an ideal life in balanced geopolitical settings.
Only local value added economies work. The term local may apply to more than just a local community but the best in value added economies are as local as possible. There are about five to seven levels of added value from the raw product level up through five or more levels to the retail or end user level. The money spent at the retail level, should recycle an economy over an over again. If parts of the add value stages are somewhere else in the world, the money goes there and does not stay in place to regenerate the economy. This upset the balance and the geopolitical settings. Power then takes over to force feed the process. It fails because the process is chopped up into pieces. The old Biblical saying " do unto others as you would have them do you" is altered to a global economic arena where anything goes.

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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a Must Read
I read The Age of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan at the same time I read the latest book about Mother Theresa who served the poorest of the poor in India. Prior to that I read The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman which is his own imaging of a flat world rather than any economic application. Freidman uses a language of "flatteners". I should have read The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins first. I am still mulling over it. It is too real. It will take time to digest this much realism at one time. The race to the bottom has hit bottom.

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Back to the Future with the Clintons Following Bush Who Followed the Clintons etc
What you see is what you get the second time around. President Clinton consummated Free Trade following the elder Bush announcement of the New World Order. The Clintons did their thing and the younger Bush followed doing his thing following in Clintons footsteps. Now we are asked to return to the Clintons' Land of "is" where Globalization and Free Trade was consummated.

Adam Smith Held Labor As Something Sacred And The Core Of All Societies
Free Traders use Adam Smith theories to support their Free Trade ventures in a global "laissez-faire" economic arena. They say they want total free markets with governments off the back of business. However, our Federal Government is precisely the main entity directing the flow of trade and commerce. Fast Track has made the Executive Branch the CEO of world trade. Teddy Roosevelt said his worst fear for America is when government and big business join as one. This is what Free Trade is today and it makes a mockery of Free Enterprise and what Adam Smith believed in.

If You Lose Your Job, All You Have To Do Is Get Another One In Our "Wonderful" Economy
With our low unemployment rate, if you lose your job, all you have to do is get another one. Ann Landers made this statement in one of her columns and she later reported a massive retaliation of readers after she made this statement. She had one of the largest mail responses ever from the angry unemployed who were looking for jobs for months and even years without success. Apparently our low unemployment rate methods of reporting does not match up with the streets. People like Ann Landers found out about it the hard way.

Welcome Dysfunctional Globalists And Dislocated Workers With No Voice In The Process
Welcome Dysfunctional Globalists. Did you ever notice workers have no voice in the process of Globalization and Free Trade. History tells us what happens when this is the case. What we got now is Bush League wars, the Clintons Land of "is", a dysfunctional definition of most everything and cooked statistics during the most massive dislocation of workers in history. What we got here is the failure to communicate the issues. Here is something you should know about bankruptcy.

Flip Globalist Flat World over and see what you get in the Free Trader world.
It is really all about you in the economic global arena where anything goes. Dysfunctional Globalist Free Traders celebrate while workers are betrayed. We have Designer Free Trade that is not trade. Free Traders call it a Flat World as Thomas Friedman does from the New York Times. President Bill Clinton and a Democrat controlled Congress consumated Free Trade in the passing of the unfair NAFTA and GATT trade agreements. President Bush followed in Clinton's footsteps. During this time, the USA has gone through the most massive dislocation of workers in its history.

We Chopped Up The Golden Goose That Layed The Golden Eggs. Who Said We Had To Compete Like This?
Who said we had to compete in a global economic arena? The American Workers are the ones who really won World War 2 and the industrial success story of all of history followed. Through the Marshall Plan, we helped restored local value added economies in balanced geopolitical settings in Europe and Asia. We gave others the Golden Eggs from the Golden Goose to duplicate the American Dream but then someone said we all must compete against each other.

Upside Down Economy - Public Workers Taking Over Unions as Production Workers Fade Away
Many are still blaming the unions for all our economic problems. It is like beating a dead horse because private sector production union workers have been wiped out of the game. Public workers make up the major part of unions now.

Globalism Breeds False Crusades And Black Knights
Are we part of the New World Order that was announced by the elder President Bush? Has Globalization and Free Trade spread national interests across the globe in a new kind of economic Colonialism? Has this produced the Black Knights who come to protect these interests in a false Crusade in the name of the new "ism" of Globalism? It seems as if President Bill Clinton carried the water bucket for the elder Bush in pushing a New World Order based on Globalization, Free Trade and Raw Capitalism. Under President Bill Clinton, bloody pre-emptive wars were ignited in the Balkans. President Clinton went to war to stop ethnic cleansing and prompted the same thing with different victims. The Second Coming of the Bush family came causing more wars in the Middle East and now the Second Coming of the Clintons is here seemingly to push Globalization to the next level in a New World Order. It is really this or something else? If it is not, will someone tell us what it is or does it just depend on what your definition of "is", is.

Taps Instead Of Taxes-Free Trade And Globalization Has Made U.S. Tax Codes Obsolete
Governor Arnold Schwarzennegger of California calls for universal health care and gives some interesting ideas on how to pay for it. Competition in the Global arena may require the USA to consider universal health care to remain competitive in the free market that has gone haywire. Taxes should be converted to transaction fees or call them Taps. In essence tariffs have been taken off products and put on workers and work itself. It is impossible to compete in a global arena if the work day, workers and labor are taxed directly.

The Second Coming Of The Clintons Is Here-Hillary Is Coming! It's Time To Revisit The Land Of 'Is'
Hillary is coming! It is time to go revisit the Land of ' is ' where all seemed to be in reverse and everything depended on what your definition of 'is' - is. The second coming of the Clintons is here. Let's go back and review what happened. President Clinton steered the passage of the unfair NAFTA and GATT trade agreements confirming Free Trade. He proclaimed a statistical prosperity while millions were losing their jobs. Here are some real examples recorded in 1998.

See also for Sec of State Hillary Clinton history on free trade

Tab Cards Took A Bum Rap In Florida Election And Still Are The Best Method For Voting
For many years, small businesses and major corporations, during some of the best economic times, used tab card systems to run their businesses. However, all data was considered raw data until verified. Tab card voting systems do not have a verfication cycle. All we need to do today is use the same punch card voting systems that were used for many years and add a verification cycle. Electronic voting machines can not be trusted. A punched hole card system can be trusted much more if the process is verified.

Lend Lease Act Was Real Free Trade, Not Chopped Liver, as in Globalist Flat World
Globalist Free Traders ignore the tenets of history and paint history with their own paint brush as Thomas Friedman does in his book The World is Flat. The Lend Lease Act changed the course of history and demonstrated that you can't do business with people who do not have money. Free Trade and Globalization blasts geopolitical balances by chopping up economies. Globalist Free Traders ignore these major events.

Explore The Lost Worlds In The Flat World Of Thomas Friedman
Ray Tapajna explores the lost worlds in the World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. Friedman reverses cause and effect and plays with history and statistics. The word "corker" can describe a remarkable person, an argument that appears conclusive or a preposterous lie. The World is Flat, it can be described as a "corker" - as it seems to include all three.

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